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10/4/2019 Business

Chamber unveils CAYMAN CLEAN anti-litter campaign

Cayman Clean launch group picture (3rd October 2019).
(Left to right): Marlon Watson, Prison Officer, Workshop Instructor, Her Majesty's Cayman Islands Prison Service (HMCIPS). Roz Griffiths, CAYMAN CLEAN committee member. Joe Shelter, General Manager, Cox Lumber Company Ltd. Wil Pineau, CEO, Chamber of Commerce (front kneeling). Angello Roye, Foreman, Department of Enviornmental Health. Debert Dawes, Foreman, Collections, Department of Enviornmental Health. Chris Kirkconnell, President, Chamber of Commerce. Steven Barrett, Prison Director, Her Majesty's Cayman Islands Prison Service (HMCIPS). Nelson Dilbert, Councillor, Chamber of Commerce and CAYMAN CLEAN chair (kneeling). Aduke Natalie Joseph-Caesar, Deputy Director, Rehabilitation, Her Majesty's Cayman Islands Prison Service (HMCIPS) (front). Andrea Bodden, Policy Advisor for Enviornment and Housin, Ministry of Health, Enviornment, Culture and Housing. Nancy Bernard, Chief Officer, Ministry of Health, Enviornment, Culture and Housing.

The Chamber launched the CAYMAN CLEAN anti-littering campaign on Thursday, 3rd October by unveiling and positioning of the first of 10 specially designed trash structures to be placed in public locations in Grand Cayman at Smith's Bacadere.

CAYMAN CLEAN is a Chamber led anti-litter and beautification initiative. It is one of the action items in the Chamber’s Advocacy Agenda and Action Plan under Community Development. The initiative has been led by Councillor Nelson Dilbert and Past Secretary Roz Griffiths. President Chris Kirkconnell thanked them for their leadership, patience and support of this initiative.

CAYMAN CLEAN is a public awareness campaign to focus attention on littering and its impact on the environment, our tourism product and our communities. It is an extension to the Chamber’s Earth Day Roadside and Beach Cleanups that the organisation has coordinated for more than 20 years.

The wooden trash structures have been designed by Marlon Watson who coordinates the workshop at Northward Prison. The inmates at Northward Prison built the structures and the Chamber provided the materials. We certainly want to thank them for helping with this project.

The wooden structures are attractive, durable and practical and designed with a cover to prevent litter from spilling out. There are two 55-gallon trash receptacles inside each structure. Over the next week 10 structures will be placed in high traffic locations which have been identified and approved by the Department of Environmental Health and the Parks, Recreation and Cemeteries Unit. They have also committed to regular trash collections. I would like to thank Cox Lumber company for donating the 20 55-gallon trash receptacles which will be placed in the structures.

Partners who have assisted with the campaign include:

Ministry of Environment
Northward Prison Rehabilitation Unit
Parks, Cemeteries and Recreation Unit
Department of Environmental Health
Cox Lumber Company

The Chamber will continue to build additional structures to be placed throughout Grand Cayman.