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4/8/2020   CICSA Co-op Credit Union Easter holiday closures and updated surname branch visits
4/8/2020   Supporting each other
4/8/2020   Celebrate the gorgeous earth with Cayman Turtle Centre
4/6/2020   Government assistance initiatives
4/3/2020   Sister Islands flights temporarily reduced to once-weekly
4/3/2020   Thursday, 2 April 2020 COVID-19 Update
4/3/2020   CBC measures for fishing vessels that returned to Cayman
4/3/2020   Collection of Air Cargo from Customs & Border Control
4/3/2020   HSA expands pharmacy services to new location
4/3/2020   A Joint Public Statement on Telemedicine from all approved health insurers
4/3/2020   FDA Recall: Ranitidine Products
4/3/2020   CBC extensions & visa counter remains closed until further notice
4/2/2020   Krys Global offer their assistance during COVID-19
4/2/2020   Wednesday, 1 April 2020 COVID 19 Update
4/2/2020   Foster’s reassures that unsubstantiated rumors are false
4/1/2020   DCI reminds businesses against advertisement for Tobacco and Liquor
4/1/2020   OfReg’s Operational Changes in response to COVID-19.
4/1/2020   Sixteen Tips to help your Small Business survive COVID-19
3/30/2020   CIFS Respond to a Well-Developed Property Fire
3/30/2020   Updated HSA pharmacy & clinic hours to accommodate soft curfew
3/27/2020   Essential services continue during Coronavirus
3/27/2020   Cayman Islands Financial Services Industry shows its resilience during COVID-19 National Measures
3/27/2020   Financial services filing deadlines extended
3/27/2020   BritCay transfers staff to remote working model
3/27/2020   Alex Panton Foundation launches “Stay in & Chill” Project
3/26/2020   Extensions Given for Annual Returns and Economic Substance Notifications
3/26/2020   DCFS provides non-emergency numbers in pandemic threat response
3/26/2020   Chamber of Commerce urges members to comply with Government’s mandate
3/26/2020   Pan American office closure
3/26/2020   HSA closure update due to 24-hour curfew
3/26/2020   DHL Express Cayman Islands' operations notice during extended curfew
3/26/2020   Domino’s donates to returned students
3/26/2020   Premier Outlines COVID-19 Survival Plan
3/25/2020   NAU reduces client-facing opening hours to support Government measures
3/25/2020   DCFS work from home to minimise the impact of COVID-19
3/25/2020   Tuesday, 24 March 2020 COVID 19 Updates
3/25/2020   COVID-19 Measures at Passport & Corporate Services Office
3/25/2020   New opening hours at HSA pharmacies & clinics to accommodate curfew
3/25/2020   WORC Offices Closed due to COVID-19 – Advises persons to shelter in place at home
3/25/2020   DCI Grand Cayman Office Closed
3/25/2020   DEH implements changes to service delivery and management
3/25/2020   The Cayman Islands moves to extended curfew
3/25/2020   Categories for curfew exempt organizations
3/25/2020   Judicial Administration statement in response to country-wide shut down until Saturday
3/25/2020   DVDL closed to the public, online services available
3/25/2020   Higgs & Johnson office closure accouncement
3/24/2020   New hours for Treasury GAB counter
3/24/2020   The Emergency Travel Hotline number announced
3/24/2020   Notice to Jurors
3/24/2020   Foster's updated store hours & social distancing in store
3/24/2020   Foster's dining areas close
3/24/2020   All Post Offices Close Wednesday to Reopen 6 April 2020
3/24/2020   CUC Customer Update
3/24/2020   CIGOUK assists Caymanians to get home and shifts gear to focus on Caymanians in the UK
3/24/2020   HSA Pharmacies expand refill services with WhatsApp
3/24/2020   Employee Terminations and/or Temporary Lay-offs amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
3/23/2020   Friday, 20 March 2020 COVID-19 Update
3/23/2020   Student taken to hospital for assessment
3/23/2020   Statement from Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Lee
3/23/2020   Ministry considers support for Non-Caymanians
3/23/2020   Education, Agriculture updates for COVID-19
3/23/2020   CMO orders self-isolation for all international arrivals to prevent the spread of COVID-19
3/23/2020   New confidential Mental Health helpline launches
3/23/2020   Credit Union lowers interest rates and considers offering loan deferrals
3/23/2020   Governor announces night curfew in place from Tuesday 24 March
3/23/2020   COVID-19 Procedures at WORC Apollo House West
3/23/2020   Cayman Supermarkets Set Product Limit
3/23/2020   Cayman National Gallery Receives Best of Medley Awards
3/23/2020   Public warned about account impersonating Minister
3/23/2020   Public Warned About Account Impersonating Minister
3/20/2020   Important Travel Advisory Regarding BA Flights
3/20/2020   Latest Testing Information Announced
3/20/2020   Update on Isolation Facility for Returning Students
3/20/2020   Thursday, 19 March 2020 COVID-19 Update
3/20/2020   Cayman Islands Centre for Business Development Opens March 23
3/20/2020   Water Authority Office Closure
3/20/2020   Crammed prison presents virus challenge
3/20/2020   CAL cargo unaffected by airport shut down
3/20/2020   Cayman facing ‘humanitarian crisis’ with expats
3/20/2020   $3m set aside for COVID-19 response
3/20/2020   Hotels to be used to isolate returning students
3/20/2020   Police contingency plan: Volunteer force ready to deploy
3/20/2020   High-visibility patrols as Cayman prepares for lockdown
3/20/2020   Helping each other navigate through COVID-19
3/20/2020   DCI implements changes, closes business centre
3/20/2020   CICS COVID-19 Information
3/20/2020   No further COVID-19 cases among Health City staff
3/20/2020   Cayman Islands Blood Bank remains open for donations
3/20/2020   Retail Banks Branch Operating Hours
3/20/2020   CBC Extension & Visa Counters Closing 23 March
3/19/2020   DCFS Marks Int. Social Work Day With Parred Down Photo Opp.
3/19/2020   Wednesday 18th March 3:00 pm COVID 19 Government Update
3/19/2020   CUC gives coronavirus information update
3/19/2020   Cayman Islands Centre for Business Development
3/19/2020   DVDL Suspends Road Tests, Introduces New Measures
3/19/2020   NAU to Give Extra Support to Clients with School-Age Children
3/19/2020   Registrar Assesses NPOs as Low Risk for Terrorist Financing
3/19/2020   A message from the Chief Executive Officer of CINICO - COVID-19 update
3/19/2020   British Airways confirm seats still available on the London bound flight on Sunday 22 March
3/19/2020   Baroness Sugg confirms continued UK support on COVID-19
3/19/2020   DCFS implements changes due to COVID-19
3/19/2020   Financial Assistance Planned for Caymanian Public Transportation Sector
3/19/2020   Overview of Cayman Islands Government Press Conference from 18 March 2020
3/18/2020   Fine Dine-In starts lunch delivery
3/18/2020   CBC Visitor Extension Process Varied – COVID-19 Measures
3/18/2020   Cayman Islands Department of Tourism Operational Update
3/18/2020   Ministry Maintains Functionality During COVID-19 Pandemic
3/18/2020   New ticket office hours & booking procedures
3/18/2020   Registrar of Companies Continues Operations in the Face of COVID-19
3/18/2020   DITC Activates Business Continuity Plan
3/18/2020   Clarification of Self-Isolation Requirements
3/18/2020   DSC Outlines Changes in Client-Services Due to COVID-19
3/18/2020   HSA halts General Practice appointments at George Town Clinic
3/18/2020   Cayman Water Statement Regarding Disconnections
3/18/2020   Butterfield Announces COVID-19 Customer Relief Initiatives
3/18/2020   COVID-19 – 8 Survival Tips for Cayman’s local businesses by Paul Byles
3/18/2020   COVID-19 Precaution statement from Total Windows Fashions Ltd (TWF)
3/18/2020   Edie’s Décor advisory regarding the COVID-19 Virus
3/18/2020   ORIA Airport Security interim access control changes regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
3/18/2020   Cayman Immigration and Employment Questions Arising out of Covid-19
3/18/2020   Employee Assistance Programme of the Cayman Islands remains open to offer Covid-19 support
3/18/2020   A Day of Action by the RCIPS
3/17/2020   Ministry Suspends Visitors to Group Homes
3/17/2020   Veterans, Seafarers and Those Receiving PFA Get Early Payday
3/17/2020   Regiment Officers Assisting HMCI
3/17/2020   Chamber President Woody Foster's letter to members.
3/17/2020   DCI’s Counter will Close Earlier to the Public
3/17/2020   DCR Suspends Services in Response to Coronavirus
3/17/2020   All Mail Services Suspended
3/17/2020   HMCIPS Takes Steps to Protect Prisoners against COVID-19
3/17/2020   Cayman Turtle Centre park attraction closes at noon today to the public
3/17/2020   First 19 Health City staff member tests are negative for COVID-19
3/17/2020   DCR suspends services in response to the Coronavirus
3/17/2020   Cayman Airways flights are available for travel
3/17/2020   All mail services suspended
3/16/2020   Finance Ministry Gets Positive Audit
3/16/2020   Temporary Ban on Public Gatherings
3/16/2020   Cabinet Approves Travel Restrictions To Manage Threat of COVID-19
3/16/2020   Statement by HE the Governor on COVID 19
3/16/2020   HSA amends visitor policy to safeguard community against COVID-19
3/16/2020   Government Statement on Passing of First COVID-19 Patient
3/16/2020   HSA introduces local testing for COVID-19
3/16/2020   NAU Revises Existing Clients’ Service Delivery to Support Preparedness Measures
3/16/2020   Make Use of Government’s Online Services – Minister Hew
3/16/2020   RCIPS Helicopter in Life Saving Mission to Stricken Cruise Ship
3/16/2020   Appleby Announces new Managing Partner in Cayman
3/16/2020   Landfill Fire Update at 8am on Monday, 16 March
3/16/2020   DEH Advises Food Business Operators, Food Handlers on Preventative Measures to Minimise the Future Spread of Coronavirus
3/16/2020   CAL adjusts booking processes and limits cash transactions
3/16/2020   Premier’s update on COVID-19
3/16/2020   Foster's Dedicated Shopping Hours
3/16/2020   Tourism Sector Resilience During COVID-19
3/13/2020   First Case of COVID-19 in Cayman Islands Confirmed
3/13/2020   Health City Quarantined
3/13/2020   Cayman Airways monitoring Coronavirus (COVID-19)
3/12/2020   Landfill Fire Update at 4pm on Wednesday, 11 March
3/12/2020   Foster’s | COVID-19 Update
3/12/2020   Chamber's view on supplies and panic buying
3/12/2020   Coronavirus Collateral Information
3/12/2020   Landfill Fire Update at 8am on Thursday, 12 March
3/11/2020   Landfill Fire Update at 8am on Wednesday, 11 March
3/10/2020   First Samples Sent for Testing
3/10/2020   HSA offers free health screenings for World Kidney Day
3/10/2020   Landfill Fire Update at 8am on Tuesday, 10 March
3/9/2020   The Cayman Islands Ministry and Department of Tourism (CIDOT) remains on alert as the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to make impact around the globe and within the local economy.
3/9/2020   COVID-19: Cruise line cancels call to the Cayman Islands
3/9/2020   COVID-19: Cayman Islands Prepared as Regional Cases Confirmed
3/9/2020   CNCF’s Dress For Culture Day Celebrates Cayman’s Diversity
3/9/2020   HWM Highlights the Importance of Individuals in Collective Goals
3/9/2020   Public Health England Advisors in Cayman
3/9/2020   Landfill Fire Update at 2.30pm on Monday, 9 March
3/6/2020   Coronavirus Public Education Material
3/6/2020   YCLA recipient Samuel Young inspires Mentoring Cayman class at annual luncheon
3/6/2020   Cayman Islands Tourism Sector Remains on Alert During the Coronavirus 2020 Outbreak
3/5/2020   Youth Parliamentarians Getting Ready
3/5/2020   Batabano adds turtle-themed float competition to parade
3/4/2020   Hurley's Media Celebrates International Women's Day with a Female Takeover
3/4/2020   CAL waives change fees for March travel
3/4/2020   Deputy PMG Elected to Global EMS Board
3/4/2020   NEOC Activated to Anticipate and Respond to COVID-19 Threat
3/4/2020   Tourism Success Continues into 2020
3/4/2020   New turtle nesting numbers confirm success of Cayman Turtle Centre’s release programme
3/3/2020   Advisory on Returning Residents from the Dominican Republic amid COVID- 19 Concerns
3/3/2020   Premier’s Visit to UK
3/3/2020   Governor Tours OfReg: Meets Staff, Board of Directors
3/2/2020   Honouring Women Month Highlights Need for Gender Equality
3/2/2020   Chamber Pension Plan Shares Fund Fact Sheet
2/28/2020   Affordable Housing Solutions Sought
2/28/2020   Appleby advises Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG)
2/28/2020   Social Work Month Will Raise Awareness
2/28/2020   Cabinet approves travel restrictions to manage the threat of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
2/27/2020   CIGO-UK assists GirlForce and 100Women in Finance with London trip
2/27/2020   Chamber commissions white paper on economic sustainability
2/27/2020   WORC portal under development
2/25/2020   Single Use Plastics Stakeholder Committee Proposes to Ban Certain Plastics
2/25/2020   Cayman Updates Our Money-Laundering Strategy
2/25/2020   Amendment to Customs & Border Control Law Helps to Fight Laundering
2/25/2020   Red Sky At Night Sets the Stage for an Explosion of Local Talent
2/25/2020   New Assessment Completed Ahead of CFATF Deadline
2/21/2020   Mourant Announces Five New Partner Appointments
2/21/2020   Cayman’s Business Community Hears about AML Risk Assessments
2/20/2020   Cayman Islands Completes National Assessment of Terrorism Financing Risk
2/19/2020   Seventh Annual DG’s 5K Challenge Returns To All Cayman Islands
2/19/2020   Batabano a unifying and economic driver for Cayman
2/19/2020   Cayman Finance Response to Tax Justice Network
2/19/2020   Small Biz Bootcamp to host Second Free Workshop
2/18/2020   Cayman Contacts EU to Begin the Delisting Process
2/18/2020   New Minister for Overseas Territories
2/18/2020   Cayman’s financial services industry supports Government’s efforts to be delisted by the EU
2/18/2020   Tourism seminar addresses sustainability
2/17/2020   Cayman Islands Crisis Centre Announces 5th Annual "A Walk In Her Shoes" Event
2/17/2020   WORC Cracks Down on Illegal Employment Activity
2/14/2020   Ministry of Culture announces Carnival Week
2/14/2020   Appleby Recognised for Outstanding Service in Chamber and Partners
2/13/2020   Government Statement on EU List of Non-Cooperative Tax Jurisdictions
2/11/2020   The Ministry of Health and the Department of Public Health announce Travel Ban
2/11/2020   National Security Council Discusses Disaster Management Following Earthquake
2/10/2020   Iconz has announced it will be jumping with Batabano
2/10/2020   Smith Barcadere Enhancements Primarily on Gov’t Land
2/7/2020   Public Health Department releases Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Fact Sheet
2/6/2020   Thought-Provoking Play to Make Cayman Debut at Red Sky At Night
2/6/2020   DEH and CIFS Tackle Fire Prevention at Landfill Site
2/6/2020   HSA opens temporary flu clinic
2/6/2020   Health Precautions at the Border Continue
2/3/2020   Statement by the Hon. Dwayne Seymour, JP, MLA - Update on the Coronavirus
2/3/2020   Amendments Passed in LA to Enhance Cayman’s Financial Services Industry
2/3/2020   Cayman Islands Regiment Officers Selected: Enhancing Disaster Preparedness
2/3/2020   Appleby Named Law Firm of the Year at Citywealth IFC Awards
2/3/2020   Need for Stakeholder Collaborations to Achieve Sustainable Development - Minister Hew
2/3/2020   Appleby Global Services Launches In Seychelles

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