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Crypto Intelligence Trading System

Crypto Intelligence Trading System


Crypto Intelligence Trading System

P.O. Box 31489
Grand Cayman KY1-1206
CAYMAN ISLANDS, | map | directions
(345) 769-4072
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P.O. Box 31489 Whitehall Chambers

2nd Floor Whitehall House 238 North Church St., George Town,

Grand Cayman KY1-1206,

Cayman Islands

Crypto Intelligence Trading System (CITS or System) is a fully automated self-developed AI System for managing cryptocurrency assets 24/7 without human involvement. System is enabled by a mathematical engine, capable of forecasting future cryptocurrency asset values, using various types of artificial neural networks (ANNs), managing risks and trading strategies. CITS contains a mechanism for defining multiple game strategies through the combination of different objectives and limitations. The system works simultaneously in Short and Long positions. The system architecture represents the interaction of many software modules built on the basis of various mathematical models.

Member Since: 2020
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